Shipping and Returns

If you have any questions about our delivery process, here is some information that should make the process clearer.

General Delivery Rules

Our aim is to package and ship your products within 24 hours of order completion regardless of your location and the time you place your order. Our team works round the clock to be able to package your products immediately.

Weekends and national holidays are not included in the approximate delivery times.

Special shipping instructions can be catered for.

All delivery times are approximate as provided to us by our shipping partners. We are not responsible for any unexpected delays.


Delivery Within UK

5-7 business day total delivery time.

All orders are dispatched from our storage unit in the UK.

Orders are sent from our UK unit through Royal Mail and your national postal service straight to your doorstep. No pick-up from postal or customs office is needed.

No custom duties or rules are applicable as the order would be dispatched from within the Europe region.


Replacements and Returns

All defective or wrong products can be replaced or returned within 7 days of placing the order.

You will receive store credit for returned products.

Any returns caused by a mistake on your end (such as incorrect delivery details) have to be processed by contacting us directly.

Packages can be re-shipped upon repayment of shipping fees.

Postage and packaging costs for returned products are not refunded.